10 Small Ways To Improve The City Centre

10 Small Ways To Improve The City Centre

Cities are our biggest and most collective effort. The result of all our great choices, debatable decisions, and mistakes, it reflects us as a community. They’re also the key to saving us from climate change. They drive our national economies, they impact our personal health, and much more. Sometimes the smallest things we can do […]

The Paradigm Shift: Architecture new ways of thinking

architecture new ways of thinking

Nearly 30 years ago I remember reading The Turning Point by Fritjof Capra and The Reenchantment of the World by Morris Berman. These were just a few of the landmark books which were exposing the new thinking, primarily focusing on a holism or a systems viewpoint. As a student studying architecture new ways of thinking […]

Adapt Or Die

global warming

I always thought that, should a major hurricane or storm hit New York then perhaps the USA would take global warming more seriously. All nations, especially the major carbon emitters require a policy shift to implement strategies towards a sustainable future for all. This is based on the assumption that global warming is the result […]