Adapt Or Die

global warming

I always thought that, should a major hurricane or storm hit New York then perhaps the USA would take global warming more seriously. All nations, especially the major carbon emitters require a policy shift to implement strategies towards a sustainable future for all. This is based on the assumption that global warming is the result of human activity releasing too much carbon into the atmosphere, thus causing global warming. The general consensus among scientists is that evidence is pointing to this as the major cause of warming and sea level rise , specifically the speed at which this has occurred over the last half a century. Even if the sceptics dispute this, extreme weather is effecting the planet at an increasing rate. Strategies need to be developed, driven by government policy to develop and plan for climate change.


The problem is that solutions to curb the effects of global warming may not be sustainable.  Examples of these solutions are the creation of sea walls or barriers or attempting to grow the same crops in water stressed regions. This may not necessarily solve the problem. Perhaps we need to change how we think and live. Immediate and long term solutions may be to develop away from the 100 or 200 year flood line and plant appropriate crops in suitable climate zones. Where communities have been affected, such as Long Island in America, is it not appropriate to develop on higher ground as opposed to a rebuild? The problem is that we are part of the global community and we are effected financially by these events. As tax payers, we are directly affected by rebuilding devastated communities locally and globally.

So what can we do?  Our next article will address what we as professional do.