SUSTAINABILITY: a few thoughts

sustainable architecture

Sustainability is about future proofing your building, big or small.
On the micro scale it’s about your home or building using less resources such as electricity or water. When building consider using recycled, sustainably sourced, or eco-friendly materials. This minimises your carbon footprint and makes it more efficient for saving money in the long term.

On the macro scale it’s about establishing and making the built environment function well into the future. If you want your building or development to last longer than 50 years, look two generations ahead. The question is how can this be achieved?

A few things to consider are:

• Designing for future flexibility; this allows the building to accommodate various functions. This would include climate change.

• Incorporating green building principals means using ethical supply chains, sustainable building practices, and ensures your building stands the test of time.

• Understanding regenerative systems incorporates your building into the larger fabric of the community, and ensures that the building will remain relevant, useful, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing well into the future.

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