What do we do as professionals?

What do we do as professionals?

The Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) provides solutions in delivering rated Green Buildings in our community. The application of these principles to rate a building is intensively technical to achieve a rating with the GBCSA.


Architecture and global warming

This is a fantastic start to being part of the action against global warming as buildings generally account for 50% of carbon emissions worldwide. When one thinks of large buildings with air conditioning and individual hot water geysers per apartment in a high-rise building this is not an exaggeration. In architecture, there is no use applying the green building principals to a building and its site, when there is a threat that its location will be affected by sea level rise or storm surge. We need to plan accordingly and advise our clients on the implications of global warming.

Architecture in society

There is an increasing trend towards the understanding of how the building is related to the larger community. It may seem peculiar but the larger community, the historical threads related to the building site and its surroundings, may give us, as professionals, a better understanding of the complex relationships that buildings relate to. This gives the building a meaningful place in the community.

As noted by the outcomes of our research the immediate community may have a sense of ownership of the new development. This involves complex research and investigation into the development precinct and neighborhood but the results of the exercise could be tangible and enriching for the project as a whole.

These characteristics are understood as regenerative systems. The ecology and community form an integral part of the building precinct.

As professionals, we are required to look at the bigger picture so that our clients are well informed. Sustainable developments require the utmost care and careful consideration as part of the master planning exercise. Why? Sustainable environments mean the best returns for developments and or individual clients. The building itself is future-proofed to sustain itself during its lifetime.

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