Questions you may have for your architect

Building questions for your building project

If you are thinking about building a new custom home, there are undoubtedly a lot of questions going through your mind. Over the years, we found these to be the first questions we hear more than any other:

  • “How much is it going to cost?”
  • “How long will it take?”

Although these are valid questions, the price and time play an important role in deciding which home builder you will hire. We would like you to consider the following questions before planning and building the foundation phase.



What factors are important when designing a building?

We are passionate about sustainability, storytelling, and client relationships. We have an eye for detail and creative design processes. The director Ken Webster was a member of the Technical Working Group developing the Multi-Unit Residential Technical Manual for the GBCSA. Therefore, he is actively involved in current discourse and innovation concerning sustainability. We want you to consider the following questions.

  • Do you regularly integrate low or no-cost sustainable design strategies into projects?
  • What are the steps in the design process, and how are they organized?
  • If sustainable design technologies are implemented, do upfront costs exist that may affect the construction budget? What are the expected payback times?
  • What criteria will be used to establish priorities and make design decisions?
  • Considering the many areas that may be affected by sustainable design, how will you determine which options to pursue?
  • What do you expect me to provide?
  • How disruptive will construction be?
  • What role do you have during construction? Am I expected to work with the contractor directly?

What are the things to consider in building your project?

We provide innovative solutions focused on sustainable architecture from the project’s inception to its completion. Our successful project realisations are always within budget. Before the initial project begins, there are challenges you need to consider.

Are you interested enough in this project to make it a priority?
What challenges do you foresee for my project?
What do you see as the critical issues or considerations in my project?
What is your estimated timetable for my project?
What means will you use to collect information about my needs, goals, etc.?
How will you help me understand the scope and sequence of the project? Will you utilize models, drawings, or computer animation?

As architects, builders, and contractors building your home, we want you to ask us these questions. We want to know who you are and what you need. Our goal is to build your home to what you envision — providing you with expert architectural design and advice.

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