3 things you need for a successful building project

planning a successful building project


Guiding a building project from conception to completion can be daunting. At K Architects, we understand the challenges involved in this process, and we take great pride in leading our clients through this process. This post unpacks three critical elements for successful building project management, from design to completion.


Designing and completing a new building of any kind involves a journey that could sometimes take years. It involves many stakeholders. The process starts with an idea, which we unpack when we meet. As we flesh out the concept, we conduct a thorough project diagnosis, defining the scope and the project. This includes a feasibility assessment. Is this idea workable, or should we adjust some aspects to make it more realistic?

Next, we bring in the architect, who assists in developing the concept design. Spatial planning, analyzing structural integrity, and clarifying the language and finishes are all a part of this. Having this in place ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Following this is design development. Here, we fill in the details and all systems needed in the final designs. We get down to the nitty-gritty, looking at all detailed design components, including joinery and room layouts. 

Once local authorities approve all the drawings, the project goes out to tender. We advise the client on who to hire and adjudicate the tender and hiring process. We recommend which contractor to appoint, normally the one with the lowest price.  We are involved in the project throughout the building phase, ensuring that everything is built according to the approved drawings. We also ensure that the building quality is up to standard.

Once completed, we provide all the relevant documentation for our client to prepare the final account due to the contractor.

Experts on the team

By now, you tell why a team of experts is needed to complete a successful building project. The architect, contractor, surveyor, structural, mechanical and fire, electrical, and electronic engineers are all key players. We would advise on which consultants to have on the project, the project size and complexity will determine this.

At K Architects, we provide architectural expertise for our projects. We also work closely with a preferred network of trusted experts to provide support where necessary. 

As architects, we fulfill various roles in this team. These include problem solvers, designers, educators, project leader, coordinator, and arbitrator. We work tirelessly to ensure a good relationship with the client, ensuring the ideas come to life.

Project Costs

Most projects hinge on budget constraints. The costs involved in a building project can quickly skyrocket when the reigns aren’t tightly controlled. At K Architects, we take this seriously, helping you adhere to the projected budget.

Most construction project budgets have two main categories: architectural and design costs and building costs. We maintain tight control over the design aspect. Some clients prefer taking control of the building phase themselves, while others hand this over to advisors and project managers.

If you’re undertaking a new building project and want reliable, experienced experts in your team, contact us. Have peace of mind knowing an expert team is behind your project.