House Letcher

I moved my office with 6 staff home in August 2019. I am happy that I went with an architect, Ken in particular as he assisted as follows:

  1. Helped with consideration of parking in the property.
  2. Designed an office space / accommodation in a very unique way as follows:
    • He did not follow the expected footprint on top of the garage, making the design better.
    • He extended the garage footprint to give more space upstairs.
    • He considered our wants and incorporated those ideas with his plans to ensure that the space, efficiency and flow was maximized.
    • The laundry which is part of the house also benefited from the expansion upstairs.
    • Many of the final ideas I initially rejected. Ken patiently explained the benefits and why options were limited in certain instances. In all cases the end result was better for that.
    • Although the new addition is different from existing house, Ken ensured that the new build complimented the existing house.
    • Ken’s design ensured that although the building was right next door, the office is completely separated, cleverly.
    • Ken included us in all elements through the various design stages until building plans were submitted, keeping us informed.
    • Ken guided us through the contractor selection and his guidance ensured that we settled on a builder who was the best for the job.

Now I have a space that I look forward to going into daily, as the loft feel and overall finish is inviting.

Because Ken encouraged my involvement in the design and finishing, I feel like I built it and it reflects what I wanted to have, to the last fitting. I am proud to invite clients to my offices as it reflects positively, and I receive compliments without fail. We have now maximized the properties use without detracting but rather enhancing the properties overall value.

Another perk is that in time as kitchen and bathroom built in, is the ability to convert this into accommodation in future.

I would recommend Ken for any project.

Location: Constantia