The Six Steps

The six steps follow the natural process of design and implementation of a project:



Here we confirm your requirements and provide any available information related to the site which may restrict the building. A programme is provided indicating when the project could be complete. Comments are made on your budget and we advise on whether there is a need to use any other consultants such as a structural engineer.  We also advise as to how the building work will be controlled and managed.


Concept Design

The drawings in this step show the relationships between spaces and what the building will look like. Materials and technical aspects of the building are also communicated. Project costs and the programme are reviewed.


Design Development

The design is reviewed with regards to any local authority and consultant requirements, such as the structural engineer’s needs. The construction method and materials are reviewed. On a larger project more consultants work would be incorporated in the design, such as the civil, electrical, electronic and mechanical engineers information. The programme and project cost is reviewed for your approval.


Documentation and Procurement

This stage consists of the preparation of the drawings to submit to the Local Authorities for approval. At the same time one prepares the drawings for pricing with contractors that have a good track record. We adjudicate the amounts received and recommend to you who should be appointed to do the work. The contract is then signed and the construction can proceed.



We then recommend the form of contract which is an agreement between you and the contractor. As architects we administer the contract to ensure that the work on site is executed properly.



Here we ensure that the contractor has completed the building properly and assess any outstanding payment due to the contractor. All documentation related to the building is handed to you.